Fort St. Angelo

Under the management of Heritage Malta, Fort St. Angelo has legendary status due to the heroic resistance by the Knights of Malta there during a three-month siege in 1565. Three vaults at the heart of the site reveal the events and personalities that shaped this national icon.
I developed a clear and consistent design approach for the fort. This encapsulates its rich history, reflecting its utilitarian and robust character, and also brings the finesse required for branding a significant cultural landmark. A sophisticated stencil typeface based on classical Renaissance Oldstyle forms was employed, referencing both the fort’s origins and military history. The colour palette echoes and compliments the physicality of the fort and its surrounding landscape.
Corten steel and laser-engraved translucent Corian were used for the exterior signage where items such as orientation tables, panoramic viewpoints and waypoints navigate and narrate stories of the fort and its environs.